Monday, September 1, 2014

Who is Alexander Steele?

Who is Alexander Steele?

Alexander Steele is a fictitious, street savvy, African American detective who grew up on the rough streets of Philly. Forget everything you know about gritty, skirt cashing, chain-smoking, broke detectives of the past. Steele (as his friends like to call him) is a unique breed of detective. When he's in the danger zone Steele fly’s solo but behind the scenes, he often relies on the computer expertise of his best friend/hacker Stan. With Stan’s assistance Steele has solved dozens of cases from Montreal to Mexico.

After years of car chases and matching wits, bullets and verbal jabs with drug kingpins, murderers, and terrorist the thirty-something private investigator is being prodded by his longtime girlfriend to "get out of the business before its too late."

As difficult as it has been the handsome P.I. has stayed true to his choice of committing to a monogamous relationship with interior decorator Shakia. In an attempt trade in his lifestyle of danger for a profession with a much lower causality rate, Steele opened a posh member’s only club in the Mt. Airy section of Philly. It was an unusual choice for a man who doesn't drink or smoke. Steele’s quirky, hefty; childhood friend Sugar Bear is the club manager. Sugar Bear competence as manager has never been an issue but his attraction to astrology and conspiracy theories often annoys Steele.

Shakia’s relief has quickly turned to frustration because the back booth at Steele’s popular club has turned into his new base of operation. Steele is approached by a never-ending stream of potential murder mysteries clients, some too good to pass up. It becomes apparent that his reputation will not die as quickly as the enemies he has put in the local cemeteries. 

The series consist of six short stories and one novel with more n the way. 

Philly detective Alexander Steele is hired to solve a double murder inside a mansion full of suspects. The victims were found inside a shed locked from the inside. The only thing he knows for sure is that the butler didn't do it.
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